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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who's Endorsed Obama? - List of Obama Endorsements and Supporters

Today I saw an article that Tom Daschle had endorsed Obama and I thought it might be good to make a list of who has endorsed him or who is supporting him.

By the way, these are not official or exclusive endorsements - some just went to a fundraiser for him, but that is an endorsement of sorts - click on the link to see the story of what they did to endorse/support.

I can't keep my eyes open much later to make the list right now, but I am going to start and come back and edit! Let's start with the most important crowd, celebrities - we all know that people who can pretend to be other people (a.k.a. "Act") should run our country and be our thought leaders on politics, right?:

George Clooney
Eddie Murphy
Barbara Streisand
Steven Spielberg
Jeffrey Katzenberg
David Geffen
Tom Hanks
Denzel Washington
Ben Stiller

Oprah Winfrey

Okay, on to some politicians -

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine
Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley


girl9pretty said...

i love bo!!

dcbona said...

Barbara Streisand has endorsed Hillary. Do your homework1

cjc said...

Do you think Americans care which celebrities are supporting Obama or that who they are voting for will somehow influence our vote? Give us a little credit. Our vote is just as important as theirs. or better yet, I wish they would keep their opinion to themselves or and let the "real" American people vote. People who are actually effected by increased taxes.

thecornman said...

I would never vote for any candidate due to the endorsement of a celebrity. However, if Denzel Washington endorsed Obama in 2008, I will never watch another of his movies.